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Here is my Luster Lexicon Writing Spectacle Interview - What a Great Honor

I have recently won the Luster Lexicon Writing Spectacle. This is a great accomplishment and I am excited to share this with the 6 other winners as well. 

The Luster Lexicon is a rapidly growing platform created by Yom A. Rahznah that seeks to both empower creativity and define undefined notions, feelings, and experiences through brand new words. These words also bring focus to the inspiring, social, and even humorous things that impact lives.

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Make sure to check back here on the site or for my interview with Lustern Lexicon July 5,2018 through August 3, 2018.

Here is my interview I hope you enjoy learning a little bit more about me and what I do!  Also check out and go under books you can see me there, as well as other author interviews!!  

How long have you been writing?
my whole life!

How many hours do you dedicate to writing per week on average?
depending on my schedule but as much as possible

Do you have any formal education, mentoring, or experience related to writing?
I taught journal writing when I worked with troubled teens in a locked facility. We also did poetry writing as well. I used all my mentoring skills to teach and encourage all of the youth I worked with.

In one sentence, what motivates you to write?
My passion to connect with people and share my thoughts, feelings and emotions.

What kind of content do you mostly write?
Inspiring and real provoking thoughts. I share my personal experiences from my past and what has gotten me through surviving and thriving in life!
I am also working on a children’s series inspired by my granddaughter Phoebe. These wonderful stories teach children that all family units are unique and special, as long as you are safe, happy and loved it is ok!

What advice if any would you give to a fellow writer who has just been rejected by several large publishers and told he or she has zero chance to make it as a writer?
I would say take that energy and use it as fuel to push forward and make fabulous things happen in spite of the criticism. With a strong mindset and raw determination you can accomplish anything you set your mind too. Always move forward!

A direct link to your most proud of written work

Your website or blog

Do you have any funny or unusual writing habits?
When I get an idea I have to write it down immediately. Sometimes I may not have paper handy or even a pen. I have been known to write on a napkin, and use crayons. It is always interesting going back and looking at what I wrote and piecing it all together.

Pick an excerpt from any of your writing that you’re really proud of
If the walls could talk they would tell a sick tale of abuse and horror. If the walls could talk she would not listen anyways. The only voices she heard were the ones in her brain controlling every move she makes commanding her to do bad things and torture everyone who steps foot in her path. Her wicked tongue that can cut you like a knife in a moment, chopping you up and leaving you for dead. This is mental illness at its worst, but in her thought process she was at her ultimate best.
The Unspoken Truth A Memoir

What is the most important tip that you can offer other writers?
Never give up on your dream. It is all in the mindset! Hard work and determination opens doors but true passion opens the mind. For all the countless NOs you may receive there will be one YES.

What would you say are some common traps that aspiring writers should avoid?
When it comes to publishing and marketing learn all the in’s and outs of the business. Do your research and be well informed. When making big decisions about your work go with your gut and be firm in what your expectations are. Make your choices wisely.

Have you had any adversity or challenges surrounding your writing career? If yes, what?
Yes, because I wrote my personal memoir and I write from a very raw place. I do not hold back and some of what I write is quite graphic and detailed. I chose to write my story this way because I wanted the reader to be in the moment with the child. I want people to understand the child’s perspective and point of view. I did receive some criticism for writing my story this way, but I did what I felt best honored my story. The Unspoken Truth!

Anything else you’d like to say?
When I decided to write my story, my goal was to raise awareness to child safety/abuse and mental health illness and stigmas. I didn’t write this to exploit my mother’s illness or my family’s shortcomings. My purpose was to be a voice for so many people out there who continue to suffer in silence. I am their voice! Through my story there are messages of hope, resilience, healing, education and awareness to these subjects that need to be talked about. We can promote change through our words.