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How Can We Protect Children When The System Is Failing Them?

In the news all over the world we hear horror story after horror story of how children have been beaten, tortured, abused and murdered.    The latest story out of Los Angeles where a ten-year-old boy tragically lost his life in such a horrific way by the hands of his own mother and her boyfriend; NO child should ever have to endure what he did!

The person in his life “his own mother” should be the one to protect him not harm him, but when that does not happen, who saves the child?

As no system is perfect there needs to be stricter guidelines when it comes to child safety.   It seems it is a secondary thought for far too many people out there ranging from neighbors, educators, law officials, agencies, caregivers and even family!!!    The blind eye syndrome must end and break the silence that gives a child a fair chance in life.

When police and agencies are involved, and the abuse is continuing; there is something very wrong!     This ten-year-old child has been in and out of the system since age 3 and was repeatedly put back into the hand of his abuser.   This story seems to be the “norm” as we hear the same scenario many times with the end result “death of a child”.   This should never be, but it is the cruel reality of this flawed system.

So, the big question, what can we do to help?   How do we help the child in need?   The first step is to educate yourself about your local area, agencies and laws.  Then be “aware” if something does not seem right, there is a big chance it is not.    Do not be afraid to ask the questions, and if you are not comfortable with the answers ask more.   Then take time out of your schedule to make some phone calls.  Make other people aware of your concerns and keep on calling.  If it is the police, an agency that helps children, or family services be persistent you may just save a life! 

There are also many hotlines that can be used to report abuse, ask questions and receive guidance.    The only way things will ever change is if we as concerned citizens make it happen.   

Then take it a step further, write letters to local law makers in your area asking for stronger policies when it involves children.  There needs to be stricter guidelines when it comes to handing a child back over to a parent or guardian that is a repeat offender.

This young boy went through horrific abuse, and his siblings were forced to watch and even participate.   Imagine being that child and your last moments in life was having your own family harming you, forced upon by the parent!   Also, the lasting effect on the siblings that now must live the rest of their lives knowing they were a part of their brother’s death.     Many lives destroyed in one family, tragic!!

The numbers in this one area of Los Angeles are staggering!  They reported 45 deaths involving children that have been abused over the last three years, and that is just one area.  Can you image what the numbers are worldwide?     

Forty-five deaths are forty-five too many in my book and coming from an abusive household I have seen what can happen behind close doors. 

This number is atrocious, and I am personally appalled to read it.  The good news was that the number came down from the previous 3 year span which was 65.     How is this possible?   In this day and age we should be more aware and stronger than this!     These are innocent children who did not ask to be brought into this world.   They are the victims, and its time for us to stand up and be that VOICE protecting them.    What is that phrase that one of our presidents came up with -  NO CHILD LEFT BEHIND – WELL THAT WAS A BUST!  It is not only in education that they need support, but it should be safety first.  

All children deserve to be in a safe, loving home where they can be nurtured so they can grow to be strong adults one day, not living if poverty, filth, and abusive situations.

As you make your way out into the world daily be aware, take notice and be firm when asking those important questions.  Let’s help these precious children in need by being the guardian angel who helps them not harms them. 

I wish someone stepped up for me as a child, as I fell through cracks!  My “unspoken truth” almost destroyed me. I guess I would be considered the lucky one who made it out alive.    That statement “making it out alive”, should not be a THING when it comes to raising children.

If you notice something make that call - Here is a number to keep with you - NATIONAL CHILD ABUSE HOTLINE  1-800-422-4453/1-800-A-CHILD.

Our future generation is worth our time, and continued efforts! 

Moving forward today, try to change your mindset and feel strength in your words.    I am one woman on a mission, will you join me?

Embrace The Journey,

God Bless,

Lisa Zarcone

Author/Child Advocate/Public Speaker/Blogger/Inspirationist

The Unspoken Truth A Memoir – A child’s story, an adults healing

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