lisa zarcone
Author of The Unspoken Truth


Please enjoy my poetry


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is when an emotion has found its thought and the thought has found words

Toy Soldiers

Marching on with stars in your eyes as that glimmer of hope

Guides you forward fighting an invisible battle of freedom…

On and on you travel this child of the night never wavering on your mission

Stumbling through the rubble that others have thrown in your path

Sifting through the spewed garbage left for you to clean, oh the unseen fury inside the soul trembling with fear tainted with a dash of anger

Traveling forward, marching on like obedient little soldiers doing as your told feeling darker and dirtier as the journey unfolds.

Dedicated are thee the innocent victims of circumstance trying to right the wrongs as you stay vigilant in your loyalty of deceit - inflicted consuming your being as you once were an angel of god, now tossed in the depths of hell’s fury seeking redemption for your abusers as you stay silent in your misery.

March on March on - The battle continues for the wide eyed wonderous little soldier wanting nothing more than to play happily in the field of dreams instead dropped in the pit of disaster

How do we claim victory these children of the night, seeking a safe flight out of harms way evils night as the bombs explode around you relishing in the pain marching beyond the rain with zero restrain…

Toy soldiers how can this be once innocent now misery in the trenches so dirty and deep, how can you clean your feet, and cleanse your soul without screaming defeat…

Gallantly you make your way forward claiming victory for each battle won, fighting for that sun, bringing you back to the light of day, pushing all that rain away…

March on I do say resilience is guiding the way as you canter up the mountainous peeks, dropping the masks of deceit, staking your flag in the ground, your story so profound as the glorious words roll from your lips – I refuse to be defeated freedom is at my fingertips…

Toy Soldier Victoriously made your way by the grace of god you are here to stay, staking your claim on life full and true, no more silence the war has subdued.….


Waking up with a heavy feeling in your

Chest, taking your breath away…

Vision blurred, sounds so bells shattering

Through your head, feeling like you would

Be better off dead!

Give me an excuse!

What is the use?

Every ounce of breath exiting my lungs,

what Is this process that has begun?

Confusion, disillusion, searching for

the Solution…

Looking for the light in this dark dirty

Place, needing to take my space…

How can one see through the realms

Of hell, who would dare to tell?

Needing to make my wrongs right, send

Away the demons of the night…

Feeling lighter as the demons fly,

knowing I truly do not want to die…

Finding my way through the dark, a new

Journey to embark…

Seeing the light, guiding me away from

The night, no more fright, waiting for

the Day I sleep tight!

Now the heaviness is gone awake at the

Break of dawn…

Feeling light so care free, oxygen

filled Lungs, FINALLY FREE



is composed of nows.