lisa zarcone
Author of The Unspoken Truth


Please enjoy my poetry


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is when an emotion has found its thought and the thought has found words

Shipwreck of Time

Time in a bottle for us to keep for eternity…

Sailing on through life fighting off the heaviness of the night, seeking


What is wrong or right how do we handle the gloom of the past, life racing so fast what is truly Everlast?

In the depths of dark waters buried so deep the shipwreck of sorrow weeps…

Cold and lonely this inner bilge desolate rooms water filled.

Creaking and cracking on the ocean floor… waves of emotion keep you from shore.

In the depths of hell with concrete feet the heaviness so strong total defeat!

Crawling and creeping your way, trying to make it through each passing day…

Internal strength will give you the might --  as long as your crawling defeating the night…

Up the stairs to the bow is your place to be, but how do you get there hoping to be free…

You twist – You pull – with all that you got -- hearing those smoke stacks bellow and pop…  

Guided by the sounds of true fight -- your intuitive guidance calling the rights!

Making your way to the front of the bow, your victory spot – smooth sailing now.

Always move forward are the words that we hear, our spiritual soul is always


No more bleak and dismal emptiness for you – A life warrior true and true…

Oceans so blue and shining so bright you have made it out of the darkness

Forever Light…


Living on the edge of past and present, teetering

 On all that is wrong and right….

 Looking to the past for answers of an uncertain

 Future untold…    What will my path truly hold?

 Stay in the past is what I hear, it is much more

Fun there… Time to play, lets run and get away

Using fists to fight for all that is wrong but pretend

 It is right!    Waiting for the smoke to clear, pass the

 Blunt liquid crystal clear… Ooh what the past shows

 Me….   An out of control kid up in a frenzy..  Not caring

 Of night or day, looking to fumble every step of the way

 Wrong choices, no right turns, or turning right might

 Be the new fight!  

 Looking at life in a different way, my babies showed me

 Not to stray…    Making good on all that I spoke, spitting

 Those words trying not to choke..

 As I come to this new phase of my life, my past has

 Taught me wrong from right…

 Where do I go from here, timing is the word I always seem

 To fear…

 The time is now, no more furry for me, time to make life

 Tight use a new key… 

 The key to my happiness is in my heart, so true and clear

 Did I really know it from the start?

 Maybe I did, and just went astray, now back on track, making

 The most of my days…

 Now I fill my time with love and purpose, strong enough to

 Close that old door with wind and a rhyme, as there is no more use

 To look back into time….

 NO weak excuses for me, or falling back on old habits that

 Used to be…

 It is not where I want to be, shutting that door will set me free…


Stripped of all you thought you knew…  Feeling life

Is truly through…   Sadness in your life overwhelmed by

The daily strife…    What are you supposed to do when

Your world is exposed to those who thought they knew!

Hidden life, so crystal clear … clouded images masked by

The harsh confusion  - blinded by the light of burning hell

Who is willing to tell?

Shedding your masks one by one, OH do you dare see the sun

Or continue in the path of darkness hiding in the shadows where no

One will see your tainted soul damaged by abuse of the forsaken


Come out Come out I say, it is time to play…   No more running away

Be exposed into the light a glorious new day…

As the layers are peeled away, I call out to you my soul this day

Showing the world my story untold

Releasing the past time to let go…

On forward I do go, no more shame enjoying the show..   Basking

In the light of the stage, my story told applause of praise!

I am proud of who I have become, no more shadows will fall upon

Me … Let it all go-I am truly FREE…



is composed of nows.


Poetry is a window into our soul