lisa zarcone
Author of The Unspoken Truth


Please enjoy my poetry


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is when an emotion has found its thought and the thought has found words


This new girl has splashed into my world… Feeling our paths have crossed before, she knows my daughter, they have walked through the same Doors; school that is you see, not on the streets different worlds how can this be?   I look at her thinking, same age, same thoughts… How could It be, they are worlds apart?

Living on the same time line, dragged into different directions…   How is one to know; The paths we do lead? Like April showers, sadness falls, thoughts of Youth Gone…  

Written on the wall…  The wall built of life lessons and shame, how it continues to rain… What tragedy has brought you here, in the locked - Up walls, does anybody hear? Looking for comfort to ease the pain… Looking for anything to stop the rain…

Then in May does the sun really shine?

Moving on like rain showers parting the darkness of the sky to the brightness of day… Shedding my cloak of darkness, these heavy Rain clouds that have weighed me down…Sprouting new wings, I am off the ground… Soaring to a new beginning full of Love and Laughter…  My Harmony Singing…

When I look back I still see my April Showers instilled in me…   Forever locked away in my special place in time… I do keep my personal showers for only a few could seek, my medal of honor, my keepsake, knowing I am not weak…     Proof I have made it through the rain, soaring past my hurt and pain.

April showers go away, don’t come

Again I have seen the light of day…

                                WEAK SOUL


Scared and alone, sometimes this is how I feel, the pain so intense purely Surreal…

Why are you so far, when I need you to be here, do you really care?

Locked away that is me, do you have the secret key, or am I doomed for all Eternity?

Where is the secret light I cannot see between day and night!  All is gray to difficult to tell, will I fall into eternal HELL?

Will you save me on my dying day, Chase all the evil critters away…Resurrect me into your glowing light, rescue me hold me tight, pore into my soul your pure fight!!!

Never loose faith, there is always an Angel by your side guiding the way…

Have faith in thee as that spirit will set you free…



is composed of nows.