lisa zarcone
Author of The Unspoken Truth


Lets Embrace our Journey's together 

I will keep everyone up to date with my day to day, poetry and upcoming news here. 

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Help For Surviviors Organization now has The Unspoken Truth A Memoir on The Must Read List!

Books Recommended by CSA Survivors for CSA Survivors

My book can now be found on this special list!   Helping spread the word, offer hope, healing and awareness - That is what it is all about! I am a survivor thriving in life giving back any way that I can.  I am a voice for all those who still suffer in silence, lets bring them into the light.  It is time to heal.    I stand fully committed to this mission that I am on.  We are unified by a common bond. I will continue to share my story for all who are willing to listen.  Voice brings Change!  Lets be that change together.

Embrace The Journey.  God Bless Lisa Zarcone


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