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Luster Lexicon Writer Spectacle

Luster Lexicon Award 

Good Evening everyone, I wanted to share some great news with you about an award I have achieved but also about Luster Lexicon. 


I have recently won the Luster Lexicon Writing Spectacle. This is a great accomplishment and I am excited to share this with the 7 other winners as well. 

The Luster Lexicon is a rapidly growing platform created by Yom A. Rahznah that seeks to both empower creativity and define undefined notions, feelings, and experiences through brand new words. These words also bring focus to the inspiring, social, and even humorous things that impact lives.

The official Luster Lexicon Newsletter is a great way to learn about new writer and new pieces of work that could become one of your favorite writing pieces! You never know until you read it! You can sign up by going too: 

Make sure to check back here on the site or for my interview with Lustern Lexicon July 5,2018 through August 3, 2018. 

Looking forward to hearing all of your feedback on the interview and how great the Luster Lexicon site is!!

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