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My Mission And Goal - Raising My Voice - Breaking The Silence

My Mission – My Goal

 Every day when I wake up I think to myself how I am going to make a difference. 

It may be in someone’s life, a cause, or just a random act of kindness.   This is what swirls around in my head all the time.   For me it is a natural occurrence.   How can I help??

 When I was growing up my struggles were quite difficult and YES real!   If you have taken the time to read my personal memoir you will understand that statement.   If you have read my posts, blogs and inspirational quotes you will immediately know that I have been on an incredible journey of ups, downs, sideways and everything in between, but I am still standing here today saying…  “How Can I Help”!

 I wrote my story to raise awareness to these strong subjects that need to be discussed over and over again until change happens.   Some have said I wrote my story to exploit my mother and her illness, others have said I am a liar!   These comments are so far from the truth that at this point, I do not address them any longer because I know what I am doing on a daily basis is what counts!     My goal from the beginning has always been to help.   My mission for sharing my story is to raise awareness, offer hope and healing.  To promote Change in a world that needs a lot of changing.

I am one woman with one story!  

What I can tell you is this, as I share my story it is seeping out all over the world.  People are contacting me privately thanking me for STANDING UP AND USING MY VOICE!   I broke the silence!   I have had many people come up to me after an author talk and share their personal stories with me, some for the very FIRST TIME.  How empowering is that?   Me one person can do so much just by sharing.     I am not saying this to toot my own horn, I am saying this because we all have the power within us to be courageous human beings!    

The thought process, “If she can be strong enough to share her story, then I can share mine”.  It is that switch in the mindset, believing in one-self for the first time, as you are looking through life with a fresh set of eyes.     The more you speak, and literally hear yourself say the words out loud the true healing has begun without you even realizing it!

 I will continue to raise my VOICE as this is just the beginning of what I want to accomplish through my work.     I push forward every single day with a strong mindset, and raw determination to make things happen!

I always say hard work and determination opens doors, but true passion opens the mind!

I ask that you take a look around today and see where you just might be able to help someone in need.  It may be a hug, or a kind word.  You may pass someone on the street that looks sad or angry and you smile, they engage and smile too. Even if it may seem forces it will shift their mindset to think, “Wow, that stranger gave me a smile, maybe things are not so bad at all”.      It does not always have to be a big production; little things are actually the biggest!

 I hope you can make your way out into this big world today and Embrace The Journey!

God Bless

Lisa Zarcone

Red Lion Inn Stockbridge, MA - Me and Micky - What a conversation

Red Lion Inn Stockbridge, MA - Me and Micky - What a conversation