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Read This Amazing And Inspiring Blog Review By Jessica Lucci As She Talks About "The Unspoken Truth"

The Unspoken Truth by Lisa Zarcone

April 18, 2018

Jessica Lucci

Reading this book is like talking to your successful, beautiful, smart, and kind best friend, and finding out she is a survivor of heartbreaking childhood abuse, rape, bullying, and mistreatment.  Lisa Zarcone's memoir flows with natural conversational tones, while speaking treacherous truths.  From the death of her beloved brother, and the ensuing grief, to the brutal physical and verbal attacks by her mother, negligence from her father, and living a life of fear with a peer who continually raped her, she never gave up.  She and her family did not get the help and services they needed, and she grew up alone, surrounded by torture.  Her astounding grace and forgiveness when she eventually became free from ongoing abuse is awe-inspiring.  

This life story gives me hope for young people in my life who are experiencing abuse, bullying, parental neglect, mental illness, or who are simply not getting the help they need to survive the teenage years and become safe, thriving adults.  Lisa Zarcone's friendly writing style imparted to me a sense of compassion, empathy, and refreshing non-judgement.   

This is the best memoir I have read this year, and highly recommend it, especially to older teens and parents of teens.  It could be a great conversation starter in families and classrooms.  This book could also be highly valuable to people, particularly women, who have experiences childhood sexual abuse, or have a parent with an ignored mental illness, or who have been abused by a family member. 

Zarcone's courage to write her painful memoir will bless each reader, as we borrow her bravery, and gain insight to how one child could have been mistreated so badly.  We can be more understood ourselves, be more patient with people in our lives, and learn to be aware of abuse in our communities.   "The Unspoken Truth" spreads hope for all abuse survivors and their loved ones. - visit her website today