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Journal Therapy 101 - Embrace it

Journal Therapy 101

Hello everyone I wanted to talk a bit about journal writing and how important it can be for mind, body and spirit.

 Journaling is a great release of those deep thoughts and feelings that you carry around with you.  As they build up the heaviness placed upon your mind takes up so much room, that new positive thoughts and ideas have limited room to grow and prosper.

As a young girl going through trauma and abuse my go to outlet was always writing and drawing.   I would write my thoughts, feelings and even imaginative stories.   I would take myself to new and exciting places and help myself find solace and freedom from the everyday grind.

So many people say to me, “Well you’re a writer, so it is easy for you, I can’t write!”    

My answer to that is this -   It does not matter if you are an awful writer or a great writer, its about putting words on paper.  They do not even have to make sense!  When you can take the thoughts from your mind and transfer them to paper you are on your way to journaling.  It can be one word (maybe how you feel in the moment) or a short sentence stating your frustrations or sadness.

For example:  I used to write this statement over and over again


This was a statement I wrote in my journal over 1000 times and I would say it to myself over and over again.  At first it was just silently reading it, but then I decided to start saying the words out loud!  How empowering!   This is the beginning of taking those deep dark thoughts and feelings inside your mind and getting them out once and for all.   When you finally say the words out loud you are ultimately “Breaking the Silence” once and for all.  You are now on your way, to gaining a VOICE.  

I want to ask you this question – Do you own a notebook or journal?   I hope the answer is Yes.  Now I am going to ask you to write down one word at the beginning of this journal stating how you are feeling in this exact moment.   If you would like to share it with me that is great.  I always love sharing and feedback.

Now that you have written down a word, study it and tap into how it makes you feel, then write down a statement or phrase connected to that word.    If you can follow these simple steps then you are on your way to journaling, as well as, healing.

I hope you can try this and continue to write as it is healing to the soul.

Remember  “Embrace The Journey”

God Bless

Lisa Zarcone