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The MIND Can Do Many Things!

With all the debates in the media about sexual assault we must take a moment and really think about this!


The mind can do many things, and when someone is traumatized the brain instantly goes into protection mode and many things can be blocked, distorted and blurred.   This is a common affect of abuse/trauma.    You must think about the brain as a working organ, a memory bank for all that our eyes and bodies see as well as feel.   As it continues to register all the daily events, it puts them in categories like a librarian.


Add dysfunction, abuse and trauma to the daily pattern of filing!  This disrupts the system and it goes into overload.   The end result - lost files, misplaced memory and darkness as the depths of pain now over shadowing the daily routine.  Things are in disarray. 

As time goes on and the memories are blocked they sit waiting for that moment to reappear when they connect to something pertinent.   

With the media coverage of the metoo movement, assault stories and politics the brain once again goes on overload and TRIGGERS these old memories in our data banks.   NOW they are coming to the surface pinging at our radar to accept the ultimate truths.  YES, something happened!  YES, it was horrible! What do I do now?

The awful experience has reappeared and is taunting you every day, the media coverage gets louder and louder then the EXPLOSION!!!!


Why NOW?  Who Will Believe Me? Is it the right thing to do?

Many thoughts to weigh out before you open your mouth, but when you take a step back long enough to catch your breath, you will make the right decision for YOU.

You may take a lot of flak for your decisions.  Many people may even may go as far as name calling and never believing you, but if you know in your heart and soul that it was the right thing to do then go with it.  No matter what you do in life someone will always poo poo it!  YES, I said it “poo poo” because that is what it is CRAP!  Let the negativity fall to the wayside and continue your mission at hand.  Be strong and confident in your words, story and voice as the truth will be told.

In the end, the truth does come out one way or another.  WE can all debate with our own opinions, but we must look at the bigger picture.

Abuse is NEVER ok, and it does not matter how many years have gone by – No means NO and victims’ men or women have the right to speak up and be validated!

I will always go back to the basics when it comes to abuse – it is never OK no matter what age someone is.  Our bodies and minds are “ours” not to be violated or innocence taken away.   WE own it not anyone else.

As we move forward in these complex times of life lets try to remember as abuse victims step forward it is very hard and takes a lot of courage to say the words out loud.    The victim has most likely spent years trying to hide in the shadows because of shame, embarrassment and fear of not being believed.  The inner damage takes years to undo, and that is with extremely hard work and commitment.

Try not to judge because there is ALWAYS MORE TO THE STORY!

Food for thought!

Embrace The Journey,

Lisa Zarcone

Author/Public Speaker/ Child & Mental Health Advocate/Blogger/Inspirationalist

The Unspoken Truth A Memoir – This is my personal story to Freedom

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