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Healing Is Messy

Healing - The process of making or becoming sound or healthy again. – Therapeutic!

When we think of the word healing, the description of messy is not something most people would come up with.   We would rather think about the calming, cleansing affect that it has on our souls.    When light and dark come together basking in the glory of freedom.

The reality is - Healing is a messy process.

As we make our way through life many things can happen.  Trauma, abuse, loss and abandonment are not what we hope for, but more common then many may think.   

Child abuse is still at an all time high, mental health struggles and suicide have skyrocketed and far too much loss is happening all around us.   That is the reality.  Bad things happen to good people!   The heaviness of the world on our shoulders as we fall to our knees begging for change.

How can we make change happen?

The first step is verbalizing what has happened to you and validating it.  

I always recommend that you seek support during this process.

If the words will not come out, start by writing it down.  Then take the next step and read it out loud, hear the words and make the connection.   Say out loud “YES, this did happen to me and I am hurting!  I am angry!  I am distraught!”  Really feel it deep inside your soul.    Give yourself permission to feel what you have kept silent for so long.

Once you do this, that is when you can start your healing journey.

Again, I recommend finding a therapist that you can trust and connect with.  Seek that support to help you through the madness.   Once you open that door, you will be surprised at what comes out.

As always, start at the beginning.   You must start where it all fell apart for you, and go from there.    Take it piece by piece and truly find understanding in all of it.  Some things you will not want to face because the pain runs so deep.  That is where it gets “messy”.     There may be things in your life that you have suppressed for months or years that will begin come out, and that is a big pile of crap!    I say it that way because it is the truth.  We can try to sugar coat it, but the reality is “All the CRAP that you had to endure in life has brought you to this very moment”.

What next –

You sift through the rubble, and clean up the mess!

It will be one of the hardest things you will ever have to do in life, and the clean up process is painstaking.    There will be many tears, angry moments and much sadness along this path of a seemingly disastrous road, but that is a facade.   What feels like a disaster is really the biggest part of your journey.   As you continue to sift through it all piece by piece you are actually building a puzzle.     This is your life puzzle, and once the process is complete you will have a masterpiece.

Remember, there is no time limit on this build!   

You are a work in progress making your way out of the darkness and into the light.   Once you finally feel that warmth on your face you will glow.    One by one the masks of blame, shame, anger and pain will drop to the floor shattering all around you as you emerge new and whole once again.   

You may have a few dents or dings, but that is what makes you unique and special.    You will now have the freedom to move forward and show the world all the wonderful gifts that have been hidden far too long.

Healing is messy but freedom is magnificent.

Embrace the Journey,

God Bless

 Lisa Zarcone

Author/Child & Mental Health Advocate/Public Speaker/Blogger/Inspirationalist

The Unspoken Truth A Memoir - A Child’s Story – An Adults Journey Towards Healing

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