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WE NEED TO TALK ABOUT IT — April WAS Child Abuse Awareness Month – Are You Informed?

April is now in full bloom with the transformation of the barren winter season.  As spring arrives with the winds of change, this is a great time to refresh our minds on the importance of child safety.

As it is wonderful to have a month dedicated to the children, it should actually be talked about 365 days a year.    There are still far too many children that are abused daily, and the silence continues on.    This is something that we need to work on as a society.

In this day and age, it is still a hard/taboo subject to talk about.  Who really wants to hear about an innocent child being physically or sexually abused?    It is an awful reality and the visual that it puts in our minds can be quite disturbing.  

For other people, the talk of abuse triggers things inside themselves, because as children/young adults they were abused and that silence festers inside of them daily.   As the stories unfold, trigger points are popping up everywhere. 

Whenever I post something on social media channels, I often get a few naysayers that battle with me about posting such disturbing stories, pictures and percentages.    At first, I would get angry that someone would address the issues in such a way, but the more I have reflected on these responses, I see how personal it really is.     Many of the negative thoughts and comments are “their personal trigger” and it sends them on a fight or flight mindset!

When you spend years hiding your past and remaining silent about it, the damage continues on.   At the time they may not realize it.   When they begin to read or see something that brings the past to the surface, that is when two worlds collide.


Here it is past and present side by side.   The inner child screaming for healing as the adult tries to repress it back into the dark hole, not wanting to face the “unspoken truth”.

So, what do we do?    Stop talking about it?  

NO - It is time to face our inner fears and step up.    Time to look at the reality of what goes on behind closed doors.     Change cannot happen, unless we push the envelope.

As an adult survivor of abuse, I found my voice and now I share my personal story all over to help raise awareness.   I wrote my personal memoir “The Unspoken Truth” validating all that I went through.   My goal and mission are to educate others on how a child can fall through the cracks.   My mother was severely mentally ill and her personal struggles were not addressed properly so we both fell together.

I am now standing!   I ask you as a good, compassionate citizen to stand with me!

I ask other adult survivors to find the faith and courage within themselves to stand too.   

For all the victims out there, who continue to suffer alone, I am here to say – YOU do not have to travel this path by yourself, we support you!    Stand!

To all the children out there suffering at this very moment, PLEASE if you see something that is not right, do not be afraid to ask the questions, you may just be saving a life.

As the Massachusetts National Ambassador & Regional Director for the New England Area for NAASCA (National Association of Adult Survivors of Child Abuse) I continue my efforts to bring awareness daily.

Please visit our website for information, support and education in regards to these strong subjects that need to be talked about.   We also have our blog radio show, that airs 6 nights a week.  We are there to help others, connecting over the air waves extending a helping hand, compassionate voice, and true heart.   WE always welcome those who are seeking a way to bring their voice to the light of day!

I ask you to please take a look around your neighborhoods, schools and community and see what is really going on.   Even though we live in such a fast-paced world it is imperative that we slow down for a moment for the sake of a child!

I pledge to continue on my mission with a strong, powerful voice demanding to be heard!    We march on forward – Life Warriors never giving up and never giving in.

We Stand Together.

Embrace The Journey,

God Bless

Lisa Zarcone

Author/Child & Mental Health Advocate/Blogger/Public Speaker/Inspiraitonalist

The Unspoken Truth A Memoir  - A Child’s Story – An Adults Journey Towards Healing…    Through the eyes of a child my story unfolds.

Innocent children embracing life

Innocent children embracing life