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When The Mind Is Clouded With “MUCK” - How Can You Achieve Success?

Mindset is the key to success!   If you have a strong mindset and a courageous will you can accomplish anything!

What happens when your mindset and views are clouded?   How can you move forward in a positive way?

These are very important questions to ask yourself.   We read every single day on line, and all over every social media networks that “Mindset is Key”.   I also write about this quite often because I do firmly believe with a strong mindset you can make all your dreams and goals come true, but what many of us do not think about is “clouded judgement”.

What do I mean by clouded judgement?

If someone is struggling emotionally, mentally or physically your senses are compromised.  You may be feeling weak in some or all aspects of your life.   Feeling depressed, angry or disconnected will shift the brain and thoughts into very different directions.   

Over time your strong sense of self becomes blurred as the negativity of your personal situation takes over and the effects could make it quite difficult to see beyond the moment.    How can you see a clear path towards the future if you are stuck in the puddle of muck?   Interesting term, right?  MUCK!   What is muck and why must we get rid of it?   

What I refer to as “muck” is the heavy sludge that holds us back even debilitating us from seeing a positive future or obtaining our goals.   This Muck could be past abuse (or current), depression, anxiety, lack of self-worth or deep seeded anger over a situation that has taken over your life.

Muck stinks - straight up!!    There are so many people out there living in muck every single day with those led boots weighing them down as they sink into a sand pit of disaster.    That disaster and disfunction become daily life as the struggles rage on and the clouds of perpetual rain continues to darken your views.

Sounds awful!!!

How do we get out of the MUCK?

This is another great question to ask yourself, especially, if you are sitting in it as we speak!

You must back track to the beginning, where you had a break in your clear views.  Take a little walk back into time and find the moment that defines your “personal muck”.    Once you are there, it is time to clean up the mess.

Take it one step at a time, and really look at your current situation and what brought you into the pit of darkness.   Then take the next step, which is a hard one -- learn how to “own it”.   Time to claim your muck and work towards getting rid of it once and for all.

Did you ever hear the term “your mucking up the whole process”?

Well, that is what is happening to you when you are stuck!   

The next steps will be very hard at times because not only are you owning your dysfunctions, you must start working towards putting them in their place and reclaiming your life.

You can do that one thought at a time.   As you bring your struggles to the surface and face them, you are one step closer to healing.  Time to voice your thoughts and feelings, hear the words out loud and find positive ways to put them to rest.   Keep on pushing forward.  

It is OK to talk to yourself – I wholeheartedly encourage it!   Tell yourself it is time for a change.  Tell yourself you are worth all this effort!    Tell yourself you deserve a better life, and with a strong constitution and inner strength you ARE going to make it happen. No – if ands or buts – the term you must use is “I will succeed”!

Now time to change your mindset.

This is a practiced skill, and one that I encourage everyone to work on.  Start small by taking a negative thought of the day and changing it to a positive one.  Work on this every single day.  Then add in something a bit bigger.  A positive goal that you set for yourself.   Use your “mind” and set your thoughts in new directions.

It is not always easy.  At the beginning, most of the time, it will be extremely hard because when you have been hard wired with one thought process for so long (sometimes years upon years), to break the habit takes hard work and dedication.

The Good News – it can be done!!   Keep working at it.



Once you get into YOUR new “mindset” it starts to flow and trickles over to other aspects in your life like careers, healthy relationships and family/friends.   The lighter you become as you release the “muck” of the past, the more you will smile as you are obtaining your goals one by one.  You begin to feel stronger as you gain clarity.

The muck is drying up and those weighted boots are crumbling around your feet.  Those negative thoughts are being transformed to positive ones, and goal setting becomes a fun and full-filling game that the mind truly enjoys.  

You are now winning on all levels in your life, and your soul will crave for more, screaming at you to keep on pushing forward as you claim more personal success!

Mindset –

Hard work and determination open doors but truth passion opens the “MIND”!


Are you ready to clean up your MUCK?


Embrace the Journey,

God Bless

Lisa Zarcone

Author/Child & Mental Health Advocate/Public Speaker/Blogger/Inspirationalist


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