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THE STRUGGLE IS REAL - Time to use your Voice!

There are millions of people in this world living the daily grind.   Society is on overdrive with movement twenty-four hours a day 7 days a week, and there are no signs of it slowing down.

How do you get noticed is the abyss of life?

What will make you stand out from the rest, when we are all doing the same things?

If you are not a movie star, sports figure or a you tube sensation then you may fall short on the attention list!   I have felt this way many times in my life especially recently.     I am the everyday woman doing the best that I can with a powerful story to share.   I managed to write a book, my memoir, of my horrific life growing up in dysfunction, abuse and mental illness.   I did this while living the every day grind, but for a very long time I was unnoticed.    I reached out to literary agents, movie stars, talk show hosts, college professors, and even politicians but it all went upon deaf ears!  

Why would anyone want to acknowledge me or my story, what can I bring to the table?  I do not have money and who will want to buy my book.   This is the vibe that I felt as I pushed forward trying to be noticed.    It is a lousy feeling when you know you have a strong purpose, a mission and determination, only to be shut down but our society, lets face it I am not a Kardashian, Oprah, or Reese Witherspoon!

I was pushed aside, so I had to make a choice.   Do I sit, or do I stand?

I chose to STAND!

My personal choices lead me to become a self-published author, Advocate, Public Speaker, Blogger and an Inspirationalist.  I did all of this on top of being a wife, a mother, a grandmother and a caretaker.   Look I am not stating this to toot my own horn, the point I am making it this, “With a strong mindset, determination and the attitude that I will not take NO for an answer”, I made these things happen.   I did the research and the work.   

I am starting to become NOTICED.  Not for being famous but for being REAL!  I am sharing my powerful “unspoken truth” to break the silence and the stigmas that continue to plague our world.   I am stepping up to bring awareness to child safety/abuse and mental health illness.   

I may not be noticed by superstars, but I am being notice by the every day people in our society, the same people that truly need our help and support.   That is the real mission here!   So, I have been ignored by the rich and famous, why?  Is my story not worth listening to, or am I not good enough?   What do you think?    I think that society still segregates us by stature.  This is another stigma that needs to change.


The struggle to make change happen, the struggle to be noticed, the struggle to be seen for who you truly are NO MASKS!

I promise that I will continue to raise my Voice and take a stand for these important issues that need to be address because the children need us!  Those who struggle need us!

It is time that those in a higher power put their resources back into the communities, our schools, and our country!    I am not saying let’s not help people in other nations (which we hear about all the time, the next big celebrity helps a third world country), I am saying OK if you can help other nations, why not help the people who struggle that are in your own backyard?   I feel that is a very valid question, and one that I have heard multiple times.

As I move forward and advocate and speak publicly, I do so with pride, and confidence in all that I stand for, and the mission that I am on.   When you are honest and true, people will start to take notice, and when they do incredible things start to happen.  That is when change can transform!

Let’s Be that change together as we raise our voices and say enough is enough, we need to help our Youth of today be safe.  We need to help adults who are struggling find healing and peace.    

It is TIME to get the attention of those in stature that seemly ignore the obvious!

We are not going away, and neither will the problems unless we do something about it.

I ask that you RAISE YOUR VOICE in your communities and help those in need!

Get the attention of the people.  We have the responsibility and the moral right to bring safety, care, and support to those in need young and old.



Lisa Zarcone

Author/Child/Mental Health Advocate/Public Speaker/Blogger/Inspirationalist

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