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CHD - Through Her Eyes Conference/From Trauma To Triumph - I was invited to be a guest speaker My workshop is entitled "The Unspoken Truth - Through A Child's Eyes

I will be a workshop presenter at CHD’s Through Her Eyes conference this year with the theme, From Trauma to Triumph. The conference brings together professionals who work with at-risk girls and young women to advance the conversation and share best practices on how to help a population whose unique challenges and issues make them particularly vulnerable.

Trauma takes many forms. It is a complex subject, but it is simply too real to the young women involved for us to not address them head on. My workshop is entitled The Unspoken Truth - Through A Child's Eyes. Sharing my personal story "The Unspoken Truth A Memoir" taking you on a journey through life growing up with my mentally ill mother. The abuse that I sustained by the hands of my mother and others is nothing short of hideous. I will talk about the child's mind and how resilient children can be as they are facing trauma and abuse. I will also share what coping method helped me survive.

I hope to see you at the MassMutual Center on Thursday, October 25, 2018. To find out more or to register, go to