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True Inspirational Story To Start A New Week! THE SHELL

THE SHELL - My personal experience on July 28, 2018

On my way to the beach driving in my car, trying to let the stresses of life go one by one.  As I make my way forward thinking about putting my toes in the sand, feeling the warm sun on my face a smile slowly creeps in.  The stress lines of life slowly lessen.

As I am listening to the music a song comes on from Chicago and I feel goose bumps.   My dad is now with me my co-pilot as I am making my way.  My father is my guardian angel who travels with me quite often and the beach was one of his favorite places to be.

I say out loud “Good Morning Dad, you are traveling with me today I am so happy” and then I go on to say this “Please send me a sign today a significant one!  Remember the perfect twisted shells that you would give me when we would be at the beach together, send me one of those and I will know you are walking by my side”.

As I continue my journey and meet my best friend, we happily make out way onto the sand as the sun glistens.  We set our chairs by the water taking in that salt air and we catch up on life together.   The wind is blowing softly, and we decide its time for a swim.  

We walk down to the water and I am sharing with her my experience in the car, and how I asked my dad to send me a sign.   I am now describing that special sea shell that always made me happy as my dad would place it in my had.   Small spirals twisted perfectly no cracks, breaks or damage.  

We make our way in the water and I say I know he will send me a sign he always does!   Suddenly, these little shiny silver fish start jumping in front of us, and we decided to back up as we do so and stop I look to the right of me and there in the water (we are waist deep) floating is this little perfectly twisted shell.  I pick it up and I gasp.  I turn to show my friend and she was like WOW your dad just sent you an incredible sign!  We stood there both in awe of the moment.  YOU could feel that energy.  

We make our way back to our chairs talking a mile a minute about what just occurred.   If those fish did not jump we would have never moved backwards, and I would have never seen this shell!!!  Also, when do shells float on top of the water.  I have grown up by the ocean and I have never seen one float in such a way.  As we sit back down, I look in front of my chair and there it is another little twisted shell, matching exactly to the one I just found in the water.   I pick it up and the wind blows, I feel him.   I hear him in my mind telling me all will be ok and rest your mind for a bit.     My friend turns to me and says, “Your dad really wants you to know that he is happy you finally took some time to rest”.     I smile back at her and say, “Yes I agree, I knew he would come today, and he did”.


The big lesson here is a duel one.   First, when family/loved ones leave this earth there is always a connection a special bond that cannot be broken that LOVE line!   Also, life is hard, and we MUST take time to rejuvenate our souls!  It is so important for mind, body and spirit.

 Embrace The Journey,

God Bless

Lisa Zarcone

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