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The Perception of "BrOKen" - What Does This Word Mean To You

As a writer and blogger, I recently used this word “Broken” to describe my thoughts and feelings connected to abuse/trauma, and how I was left feeling long after the abuse was over.   

A question came to me like this -  

Why are you using the word broken, when describing abuse as it puts a dark ending over it, as there is nowhere to go?

Interesting question and it brought up many feelings and thoughts as I took in the information.

Why Broken?

I choose the word broken for a few reasons.

First:  This one is obvious because when you go through such struggles your spirit, emotional strength and mental capacity is broken on so many levels.

Second:  You may feel your life and sense of self is torn into a million pieces.

Third: You have hit rock bottom!

What happens next?  Yes, you are broken and conflicted as you are trying to weed through the cobwebs of disaster.  Is this really the end? Do you give up and never try again?   Are you calling it quits? This is not the time to give up!

The answer to all of that is NO!!!

Being broken is just the beginning.   Once you have hit that point of what seems to be, “the point of no return”, that is when your true strength shines.    This is your queue to dig deeper than ever before, and fight for your life, your sanity and your freedom from that dark, dirty past of deception.   

Do not use the darkness as a crutch not to seek light.   It may feel easier to stay stuck in this dysfunctional pattern that you have created for yourself as a protection mode from further abuse but staying there will not get you the results that you are internally seeking.

It is scary to step up and start doing the personal work towards healing and recovery.   Now, you must own it, and that is extremely hard to do when the pain runs so deep, but it is possible. 

Try to think of the work broken as a puzzle.  Think about taking all those mixed up and turned over piece and making them whole again.   You start at the beginning with the edges and straight cut pieces.  This is building your foundation.  

You take it piece by piece and build up and around.  Like all your thoughts and feelings if you take them one by one it is easier to see where they fit and why.    Taking the time to study the emotions attached to the memory will help give you clarity as you are fixing what was once broken and scattered.

As you make your way through the mess you are actually creating a new and solid foundation to build upon, and the possibilities are endless.

Piece by piece you are rebuilding your soul/spirit, your strength and self-worth.     It is like a baby taking its first steps with uncertainty and fear, but willing to take that leap of faith to thrust forward onto new adventures.

A technicolor world at our finger tips with flashing lights of green meaning “GO”, the time is now.   You can do it!

 I have faith in the human spirit and so should you.  There are many incredible people out there in this world today that have been to the point of no return and are now doing fabulous things.   

Mindset is key to change and opens the doors to new possibilities.  It all starts when you take the first steps with a broader way of thinking.

Get rid of the phrase – “I Can’t” and replace it with “I Will”.

The time is now are you ready?

Embrace The Journey,

God Bless

Lisa Zarcone

Author/Public Speaker/Child & Mental Health Advocate/Blogger/Inspirationalist

The Unspoken Truth A Memoir

   “If the walls could speak what a tale they would tell”