lisa zarcone
Author of The Unspoken Truth


Please enjoy my poetry


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is when an emotion has found its thought and the thought has found words


What is brewing all up in my brain? One can say I am totally insane

Caught up in the essence of time, wrapped in My warped sense of mind…

Thoughts creeping…

Insanity seeping…

Overwhelmed by the sound, taking a

Look, but nobody is around…

Louder and louder they scream, those insane

Voices so hard, so deep…  Pushing past the

Normalcy of day - breaking through haunting me

Every step of the way…

Trying to stop this evil strife, getting ahead of

The voices of the night…  In the dark realm of My confused thoughts, breaking it down,

So I could cross…

Looking to see the light, stopping the madness

That is called night…   Need to fight my way

Through, cut by words, strong voices CODE BLUE…

Help, Help is it on the way, or

Is insanity were I do stay…   Swallowed up

By thoughts and emotions, pulled into the

Deepest part of my mind; psychotic crazy

Full of wasted space darkening images,

The twisted kind…

Trying so hard to break away, learning to

Swim on my way…  Bursting through the abyss

Called time, clearing those crazy thoughts from

My mind…  Getting control of all that I

Fear, making it to shore, now the coast is Clear…

Finding my way along the sand, my life

Path placed in my angel’s hands… 

On to safety I am guided, thanking god

Those insane thoughts have subsided…  Looking

Forward to a brighter day, when all that

Evil is washed away…

                                                                         THE BRINK

A thousand tears I want to cry – flood gates open will I die?

Death is upon me I do fear the gate of hell’s fury overpowering fear!

Death of a life I used to know, now in the abyss of sorrow - deep dark hole of embers burnt to a crisp a crevasse so large one endless pit of strewing disasters one by one – hating this path truly all done!

Where do I go from here hell’s bells ringing crystal clear?

Dark anger is all I see flashes of pain running so deep inside my veins – crimson red – yes, I am better off dead!

This is my feelings constricting so tight not letting me see the light of the real world so bright – Will I claim my unspoken truth – lifting me from this treachery, my so-called truth!  Do I dare tell?  Letting the words flow from my lips as it has been one horrendous road trip – can I make it back to the light of day only my voice saving me every step of the way.

From the lowest of low I do fly riding my words writing in the sky –

Look up Look up - they do say – this is finally the right way…  from darkness falls to sun so bright it is time to escape the demons of the night.

Raise your hands to the sky and scream the words as you cry. Save me from my dying day the moment that swept my youth away protruding me into the grips my plight time to take this ultimate flight...

My words more powerful then I ever knew, my savior, my right, my unspoken Truth…



is composed of nows.


Poetry is a window into our soul