lisa zarcone
Author of The Unspoken Truth


Please enjoy my poetry


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is when an emotion has found its thought and the thought has found words

                                THE BEAST WITHIN

Trouble inside my head so deep, this insidious Beast, self-destruction continually creeps, As this beast never sleeps…

Slipping deeper into despair, wishing someone truly

Cared!   Who will fight this beast?   Chain reaction internal

Defeat, I fall to pieces once again, run in circles count to 10!

Then the explosion erupts, hits the street of personal

Hell, cobble stone beats - imprinted on sections of my

Heart a path to heartache from the start.

This emotional journey I am embarking on, battered and

Windblown personal scars…

Walls built up so high can the beast climb them hit the

Sky?  Need to chase him out of my head, stop the

Noises, better off dead!!!!

Why do I need to fight, shield of Armor, my personal

Knight…  Save myself from mass destruction, rebuild my

World, full of construction, replace the broken blocks with

Positive production…

Smashing the evil demon of the night, send him on a

Final flight…

Beast be gone, I do say, pack your bags go

Far away…

Peace in my mind is what I seek, permanent scars,

Victory complete!

Medal of honor etched in my heart, survived the

Battle, my purple heart!



Tears flowing from these big blue eyes…

Streaming into a sea of despair… Pain so deep running through the streets Of disaster…

Her world crumbling around her right before Her eyes….   Thoughts of the past rushing back in to Her mind.    Memories of the days living the American Dream with mom and dad by her side…

This blond haired beauty so safe and secure, smiling Not knowing the fate that will occur… Pictures show A happy existence, no trace of the dangers that lay Ahead, on this crazy path called life…

The hurt, the sorrow, twisted path changing at every corner

MORE disoriented as she travels forward in time…

Then with a BANG, her world brought back to

The present, REALITY sets in…

Where did it all go wrong?

When did I actually fall?

When did day turn to night?

How did I get off my path of life?


So many questions run over in her mind…

How am I supposed to survive

Doing time?

This is unfair, so undeserved…

Thinking, this young woman with the blond curl…

One wrong move and I was done, now

There is no where to run… 

How am I going to survive I say?

I will turn And face my demons

Chase each one away!!

With hard work and sacrifice, I can definitely Win the fight. The fight to save my life, the fight

To bring peace to my soul, bring in new light, Make positive goals…

I am stronger than they think…   

I refuse to sink,

 Into the darkness of


               I hear something,

                   Who is waiting there?

My demons are lurking wanting

To pounce on the weakness

Inside of me…  How am I ever

Going to be free?

The demons of my past, I need to put to

Rest; put my dignity to the test…  

I will live one day at a time, finding new

Paths, creating new rhymes…  

I will put my goodness to the test,

Send those demons packing, lay my

Head to rest…

When this feeling washes over me, my

Soul will be cleansed finally free…



is composed of nows.